Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association

Rebrand & Campaign for 'The Grande Plan'

Working with the GPRTA in early 2020, we were getting ready to work up a great destination marketing campaign that would get plenty of eyes up to northwest AB. But just as we were totally entering the best brainstorm sessions of our lives, a little thing called COVID-19 waltzed in.

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New York. Italy. Teeny-tiny tropical islands in the middle of the ocean. When someone says “tourist destination”, these are the places we immediately think of.

But here’s the thing: Canada is big. Really big. Alberta on its own is more than twice the size of Italy. So it stands to reason that there should be plenty to see, right here in our backyard and close to home.

That reasoning forms the foundation of the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association’s mission – telling and inspiring stories about their corner of Alberta. And despite the setbacks of a worldwide pandemic, they proudly live up to that mission every day.

How do you bring the world to Alberta when Alberta isn’t even open for outside travel?

We had to shift our approach, and fast. Notes were scribbled with only the faintest trace of legibility. Entire epic plans rose up and crashed down again. Many windows were stared out of, looking for that one creative spark. And as it turned out, the answer was in front of us the whole time. 

See, we didn’t have to get a bunch of travellers into the Grande Prairie region. We just had to get people around the region. And tens of thousands of people were already there. We bet that most of them didn’t even know half of the amazing stuff to see, just a few minutes outside their door or down the highway. So we made a plan. A bunch of them.

The Grande Plans and beyond

We chatted with people on our team from the area, looked up cool landmarks and sights to see, and combined all of that with member companies from the GPRTA. The result were the “Grande Plans”: ready-made itineraries rolled out for different day or weekend trips, supported by social blitzes and community buzz.

Website traffic and social media activity started to take off, because as luck would have it, people were itching to get out and do something more than sitting at home. And if they could safely explore nature, support local businesses, and learn more about their home in the process, it was the perfect escape for residents of all types.

Building on the success of this campaign, we continued our work as the agency of record for the GPRTA in 2022. We created a new brand, helped them develop a destination marketing plan, launched digital ad campaigns, and did plenty of other behind-the-scenes work to keep the momentum going. It’s the same region with the same hospitality as before…but under their new mantra of being “Untapped, unfiltered, and unforgettable”, they have a fresh new energy to share.

There’s one last cherry on top, too. In addition to increasing tourism in the region and enhancing local pride of place, all the great work we’ve done with GPRTA has elevated their status with Travel Alberta, unlocking additional levels of funding as a result. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Head over to their site and see it all in action. You’ll be glad you did.



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