Enerflex Ltd & WJ

Simply Intricate Projects

Here’s a fun fact: every so often, even well-established, B2B-driven organizations with hefty Rolodexes, impeccable value props, and in-demand capabilities need some top-notch marketing. So, when Calgary’s own Enerflex Ltd. came to WJ years ago, seeking pro assistance for the company’s ongoing creative and strategic messaging, we were all too happy to lend a hand. From those first few initial design and consultation projects, we’ve laid a foundation that’s lasted through the ups and downs of oilfield booms, COVID recessions, and massive changes in both of our industries.

Services Used

  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Experiential
  • Content Marketing

Big Targets, Precise Tactics

A company as big and layered as Enerflex has a lot of moving parts, and understanding how it all fits together is the key to our long-term partnership. As a publicly listed company, they’ve also got an immense number of angles to consider. There are investor and public relations, acquisitions, market positioning of new business units, logistics of multi-year (and multi-million dollar) projects that affect global energy infrastructure…the list goes on and on. A lesser marketing partner might have rolled over and passed up the opportunity. We honestly thought about it. But instead, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get to work, hovering at a strategic overview that moves between ten and ten thousand feet. From North America to the Middle East, the work we’ve done together has spanned the world. One week might be international campaigns and trade show designs. Then it’s over to annual reports or social media support. We’ve walked alongside Enerflex as they racked up thousands of miles on their brand odometer, following their direction to ensure a maximum alignment of messaging and impact. And we have to say, it’s been quite a ride to help navigate the vast complexity of the global energy sector and ensure that those messages always hit home. Along the way, we’ve had to keep our ears and minds open, and keep on learning as much as possible.

Here’s what sets this work apart:

•    The partnership works because there’s plenty of mutual support and trust. We understand their industry and how marketing supports a sales- and investor-led company. This is vital to tackle marketing challenges of such magnitude and complexity.
•    Being agile is to already be one step ahead. We’re often modifying our approach and processes to best serve what a fast-paced situation needs. It may feel chaotic, but the strategic foundation is solid.
•    Enerflex has many levels of oversight, across many levels of expertise and priorities. Everything we make has to hit multiple strategic points to satisfy this range of requirements. Without our long history and firm footing in place, this could easily create a bottleneck, but we now accommodate and integrate these touchpoints into our work.
•   Some of our liaisons are executives that help set energy policies and technologies for the world. We’re humbled to be counted among their partners and play our small part in their success, helping them act on their adaptation strategies for the future of the energy industry.

The Road Ahead

As it turns out, terms like “decarbonization” and “energy transition” are more than just buzzwords. They’re reflections of real changes in the industry and an exciting future ahead. But through those changes, we’re here to make sure our clients keep up. We look forward to supporting Enerflex and their marketing in any way we can. With their guidance leading the way, we’ve faced new challenges head-on and even after many years, it’s a partnership that will keep on giving, and like all those Instagram poets say, it’s definitely all about the journey and not a single destination.