news: WJargon Explained - WJ Magazine Crossword Answers
April 16, 2021

WJargon Explained - WJ Magazine Crossword Answers

We recently published the 8th issue of WJ Magazine, our in-house marketing magazine – a collection of articles and features that highlight how to create more opportunities in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. On pages 16-17 of the magazine, we included a crossword packed with some common marketing terms you’ll commonly hear in the world of marketing. If you got stuck on any of them, read on for the solutions – and if you haven’t tried (or even seen it yet), simply click here for your digital copy (before you read the answers)!


Down Answers

1. The act of making something better 
Used often by our social media and digital departments, this refers to Optimization – a necessary process to get the best results out of digital campaigns. 

2. Percentage of people who only visit one page on a site, then leave (2 wds) 
One of the metrics used to determine the performance of a website, the Bounce Rate is a way to see how engaging your content is. 

3. The terms that best represent your business 
Your industry Keywords are used to boost your performance in paid campaigns and optimization for search engines. 

5. How to draw attention online
Get your content into the right hands by using a Hashtag (or, even better, a bunch of them) to show what your content is about.

8. What you do with your social media fans 
You won’t get far on social media without Engagement for your fan base. Like, comment, and share your way to success! 

11. The percentage of people who interact with your content (2 wds) 
For every hundred followers you have, usually, only a few will be active with your content. This is your Engagement Rate. 

13. How many times your ad content is displayed 
In a paid ad campaign, Impressions keep track of how many times your content popped up on a mobile or desktop screen. 


Across Answers 

4. The total number of people who see your ad content 
Related to impressions, your Reach refers to the number of unique users that saw your content. 

6. You pay for these to appear in THIS search engine’s results (2 wds) 
Need a shortcut to the top of the pile? Plan out some Google Ads and get your name on the first page of the results. 

7. A ‘written’ area that WJ specializes in (2 wds) 
Content Marketing is a huge part of your overall brand and strategy, as it provides the foundation where most people encounter you for the first time. 

9. Where fans find your insights 
Put all your knowledge in one place (and boost your profile in the process) by maintaining a Blog on your website. 

10. The steps that someone has to take to become your customer 
The Sales Funnel is a process that marketers have down to a science. 

12. Advertising measurement – CPC (3 wds) 
When running an ad campaign, you are often charged a Cost per Click amount, which can rise sharply for highly competitive keywords and industries. 

14. Looking at these numbers will guide you forward 
Data is the holy grail of modern marketing, and the robust insights you get from Analytics tell you where you should focus your time and efforts for the best results. 

15. How you measure success (abbr.) 
Before a campaign starts, you will need to know how you will measure your success – your Key Performance Indicators, or KPI. 

16. An organic way to reach Google’s front page (abbr.) 
Using smart digital techniques with great copywriting and a smooth experience will enhance your search engine optimization or SEO. 

17. A ‘connection’ from one website to another 
Want to show where you got some information you’re writing about? Make a Backlink to show the source. 

18. A paid way to reach Google’s front page (abbr.) 
A cousin of SEO, search engine marketing – or SEM – is a quick way to pop up on the front page of Google, Bing, or other similar tools. 

19. Search Google to get this (abbr.) 
No matter what you search on Google, the answers arrive on a search engine results page or SERP. 

20. A customized plan to meet your marketing needs 
Always have a plan! A good Strategy is how you can ensure the long-term success and efficiency of your efforts. 

21. This data makes you look good but doesn’t really impact performance (2 wds) 
Got a thousand likes on a post, but 0 shares or comments? A Vanity Metric looks good but doesn’t translate into real-world loyalty.  


Making Sense of Marketing Jargon

As you can see, there are plenty of specific terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and industry buzzwords that we use all the time. For people who do not deal with these topics in depth, it can feel overwhelming to realize how much work is involved in creating, deploying, and maintaining a full marketing strategy. 

Luckily, you’re not alone in this. At WJ, we take the time to show you around and explain how all of these concepts (and the many others we didn’t mention) fit together and come up with a custom plan that suits you. We are professional designers, marketers, writers, analysts, strategists, and overseers, all at once – so whatever you need to succeed, we can help you make it happen. 

Read some of our latest work and catch up on our industry insights with WJ Magazine 8 – and get in touch when inspiration strikes!