ESTI Consulting Services – Lead Gen Campaign

Getting Our Head in the Cloud

The cloud: it’s a magic data destination in the sky. It’s something most of us use every day, even if we don’t quite understand the magic behind how it works. But that’s why there are companies like ESTI Consulting Services, based in Saskatchewan and bringing a whole lot of fancy, folksy IT cloud assistance to anywhere it’s needed around western Canada.

Services Used

  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Buying & Advertising
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Web & Interactive

They’re one of the few certified Dell Titanium partners in the country, which means they get to offer new products before they hit the wider market. In 2023, one of those was a new hybrid cloud platform known as Dell APEX, and they wanted help in spreading the word and finding new leads to jump on board for it.

Now, we did read through all the documentation they gave us. Mostly what we learned is that cloud implementation is a lot more technical and specialized than we anticipated. But that in itself helped us understand what to do: most of the people running businesses don’t have time to dig through manuals, graphs, and fact sheets about why their current systems are falling short. When something new comes along, they just want to know: How does it work? Will it suit my business needs? And of course, will it save me money?

So we took aaaaaalll those notes and we boiled them down to six essential points that were easy to convey in a line or two. They addressed ease of use, scalability, savings, and other relevant business considerations. We recommended that ESTI host a webinar where they could go into more detail, and then created six ad series to drive traffic to the sign-up landing page.

These included carousel ads, with custom “playful cloud” artwork to highlight these selling points in a fun way. But the highlight was our “Simply Put” video series: six one-minute clips, delivered direct-to-camera in plain, non-jargon English. We scripted, produced, filmed, and edited these in-house, using just one ESTI rep as the expert speaker on screen. We thought the framed floppy disk and soft cloud lamp were nice touches.

Overall, we give everyone an 11/10: ESTI + WJ = success.

PS – see that logo on the mug? It’s an after-effect, added in post. No big deal, just rewriting reality itself.