A place where boring is banned


Ever since The Year That Shall Not Be Named, we’ve become a fully hybrid workforce for all employees. Our Calgary HQ has an in-person collaboration day every Tuesday and we cram a bunch of meetings into that day, but other than that, you’re free to work at home in your PJs. Some employees are fully remote, working all across Canada.

Dogs aren’t just allowed to visit, they’re encouraged to. In fact, if you have a dog and you don’t bring it in at least once, you can expect a guilt-trip email about it. To sweeten the deal, we keep some healthy dog treats in the kitchen and at least one person is always on standby for emergency belly rubs.

Oh, life – always up to no good. It’s all part of the deal when you’re working on a team of Real People™. Do what you need to do and we can absolutely work it out.

Well, it starts with a tingly feeling that one of these openings is a dream job. Follow the instructions in the listing and we’ll make sure all your stuff lands in front of an actual person for review. A couple interviews and sit-down meetings later, you’ll know if you hit the right spot – we’ll send a formal offer letter if you landed the job. Of course, you can always reach out with specific questions at info@williamjoseph.com.

Pro Tip: Don’t write “To Whom It May Concern”. In a pinch, give a shout out to Morgan Warner, the fearless leader of our People & Administration team.

Most of our interviews are virtual these days, so as long as you look decent from the waist up, that’s good enough for us. In the office, we’re pretty business casual (and please do put the pants on if you come in).

Personality is just as important as your portfolio here – there’s no place for micromanagers, yellers, or blame-game world champions. We like people who can confidently be themselves, take accountability for their skills and their work, and jump in to help teammates when needed. Sometimes things change fast with deadlines and new information, so it also helps to be organized and able to shift priorities on the fly. If that all sounds manageable for you, you’d most likely fit right in here.

Our core hours are between 9 AM and 4 PM MST, Monday-Friday. With that said, we know that the best creative work is done when you can fully focus on it, and sometimes appointments, vet visits, car troubles, and other factors can interrupt that focus. So, our flex time offerings help you hit that perfect balance of work and life. As with anything, we can usually work around any situation, given enough communication and reliability.

We took all the best parts – the creativity and high stakes and cool vintage clothes – but left all the bad stuff behind. It is the 2020s, after all.

Through constant learning, we’re always working to improve our workplace and our impact on the world. We’re proud to offer an inclusive culture where all people are welcome, employees are free to be who they are, and the relationships we have are built on mutual respect. By working and collaborating together, anything we create will be made better through the strength of different perspectives and experiences, enhancing its value for our clients and ourselves.

Successful applicants will be highly skilled in pushing this contact button.