More about your new fave marketing agency

So, the homepage wasn’t enough for you

It happens all the time. Consider us flattered. And now, you’ve landed here, looking for more info about what we do and who we are. Well, wonder no more: we’re a full-service, deep-diving marketing agency. Our hobbies include playing bocce and putting our clients under a brand microscope to really know what they’re about. We breathe brands, strategies, creative, and digital, as well as anything else that’ll make sure you get noticed in a crowded market. We simplify the complex. We turn those small “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if…” ideas into big successes on your behalf.

The WJ Value Pack


Always Curious

Status quo? More like status no. We’re constantly sharpening our tools, learning how to use new ones, and raising the bar on what we can accomplish as we move projects forward.

Authentic Leadership

We’re interested in solutions, not squabbles. We take responsibility for our work and take action to make it the best it can be, using new perspectives to keep our thinking fresh.

Welcoming Presence

Forty-ish heads are better than one. We’re accepting of all. We’re kind and empathetic. And we’re always ready to collaborate and work together so we can all share in the success.

Mindful Service

As far as we’re concerned, every client is our only one. We put ourselves in their shoes and revolve around their needs, like the model of the solar system you built that one time.

Holistic Outlook

It’s connections all the way down. We simplify complexity through communication, use data to make the right decision, and always keep the big picture at hand.

Ranking high for SEO and PEO(ple)

Of course, the work is only half of it. Though we’ve been told ChatGPT is taking over any minute now, we’re still happy to employ real-life humans with different ideas and personalities.

Our people bring incredibly valuable and varied expertise to their work, their best puns to our group chats, and funny pet photos to anyone who needs a pick-me-up. We provide the tools and benefits needed to thrive in and out of the office, and hey, we’re always trying to get better at it. We’re empathetic, supportive, and accepting to all…except those who don’t do the same in return.

The WJ Team

  • Ryan Townend

CEO & Owner

  • Jordan McGill

Managing Director

  • Morgan Warner

Director of People & Administration

  • Stuart Karol

Director of Growth

  • Johnny Talisman

Creative Director

  • Jason Kessler

Digital & Technology Director

  • Pedro Porto Alegre

Strategy Director

  • Brent Vollick

Director of Production Operations

  • Sam Boyko

Director of Content & Communications

  • Andrew Jepson

Social Media Specialist

  • Crystal Lavallee

Web Developer

  • Daniel Marquez

Email Marketing Specialist

  • David Kirk

Content Writer

  • Enora Cheroux

Administrative Assistant

  • Eric Egan

Project Manager

  • Farrukh Salimkhanov

Project Manager

  • Jason Owchar

Senior Web Developer

  • Jessica Taylor

Graphic Designer

  • Juwaan Luzny

Graphic Designer

  • Kira Sideroff

Marketing Strategist

  • Lisa Orr

Account Director

  • Logan Anderson

Graphic Designer

  • Melissa Thorne

Senior Art Director

  • Maria Dagh

Art Director

  • Marlene Halverson


  • Michelle Caplan

Senior Strategist

  • Pradeep Kushwah

Email Specialist

  • Rae Walls

Social Media Manager

  • Sam Jackson

Account Director

  • Skye Anderson

Marketing & Business Development Specialist

  • Sarah Gavigan

Office Manager

  • Taylor Lang

Creative Copywriter

  • Thiago Lanna

Graphic Designer

  • Valene Varela

Digital Strategist

  • Vidhi Shah

Project Manager

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